Poll: How much do you pay each month for mobile internet?

how much you pay for mobile internet data in uganda

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[/blockquote]I’m currently paying about UGX 199,000 per month (UGX 2,388,000 per year) for access to “unlimited” mobile internet everywhere I can find a Vodafone LTE signal. That edges up to more than UGX 300,000 per month when I factor in those months when I want to enjoy higher speeds of more than 10 mbps. Some of my colleagues spend far less, and some even pay nothing thanks to the loopholes in some telecoms networks that I won’t mention.

As we try to find out the average monthly data bill for mobile internet,  its reported by the Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) that by June 2014, about 4.2 million mobile data users in Uganda were consuming a total bandwidth of 26.98 mbps. This represented a 14% growth in mobile data users compared to 2013 and 3% increase in internet speeds during the same period. This means that while we are still paying the same amount of money for data year on year– the rate at which the telecoms improve on the speeds is not growing at the same rate in comparison to the number of mobile data users. This is one of the reasons why I switched from my previous mobile internet service provider (ISP) to Vodafone’s shiny new 4G network, as their speeds couldn’t keep up with my usage and the ability to have an unlimited data connection. So I had to subscribe to Vodafone’s a la carte menu of services. MTN, Smile Telecom, Airtel and Africell also have several internet packages that will tickle your fancy.

As for my internet usage, apart from the usual work, music streaming and my blogging lifestyle that dictates the way I use the internet, I also download the occasional torrent for “free” which leaves me wracked with guilt for having joined the tyranny of evil men. But like Jules, I’m tryin’ — I’m tryin’ real hard to be shepherd or so I think.

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So, that’s me, what are you paying each month to bring mobile Internet on your MiFi, Mobile phone or USB dongle or Wingle?


Use $1= UGX 3,500


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