Pintrest hits Windows Phone, but there is a catch


As the Windows Phone platform struggles to get all the big apps onto their ecosystem, Pintrest will not be left behind. Today, the company has at last released an official beta app for its collection-themed service. just like on the mobile website, the beta app can allow you to do anything right from  planning for a car restoration or looking for any beauty tip.

It should be noted that what you will find in the beta app is not the real Pinterest experience for nowt. But the is a catch, the company has taken the lazy route and says that the beta is a shortcut to its mobile web client with some Windows Phone-native features clearly visible. Unlike iOS and Android, this Windows Phone App  won’t be as tightly integrated with the Pintrest. But lets look on the bright-side, the company welcomes and input from the users and you can tell it you need more powerful tools for pinning the things you hold so dearly at heart.