Why Zari’s sex tape proved to be a thumping waste of people’s precious data bundles

zari sex tape

Last weekend I had an amazing road trip but before my departure on Friday, was a big headline from one of Uganda’s famous  tabloids. ZARI’S SEX TAPE LEAKS. And as usual my boys had already secured a copy of the alleged South African socialite’s sex tape. I tell you there was excitement on all Whats app groups, Facebook groups and twitter. But if you ask me Desire Luzinda’s nude pics will rule as Uganda’s most appreciated leaked pictures for 2014 (totally worth it). One thing is for sure 2014 will go down in history as the year of celebrity nudes/sex tape leaks in Uganda. As fans it looks like we are already in over dose and obviously we crave for more.
If Uganda’s telecom companies have made any money this year, this weekend was surely be one of those where they expect to have high data traffic which obviously translates to more revenues for them. Thanks to Whats app’s video sharing capabilities, there was an avalanche of sharing the 2:06 minute low resolution Zari sex tape.

Heavy, Dry and Low resolution video

All men having wet dreams featuring Zari in them may have to review or divert their dreams to better water-logged ventures if that were even possible. With the level of perversion in Uganda and how precious our mobile internet data bundles are to us, no one can resist to download a Zari sex tape even if they have been warned how boring it is. (Trust me I tried that and failed).

After downloading the over 11 mb video, one would expect at least an HD or worst case scenario 480p resolution video — Naye mama — Even me who puts on glasses, I had to squint my eyes to make sense of some of the scenes (not that they were amusing). The video quality was like 114p (low resolution) but trust me the eyes have a way of “HD’ing” any video scene they are really interested in. Okay I might excuse the video quality but the content it’s self — No Nedda  (Hell No)–  Apart from the thrill of seeing Zari’s loins the rest of the video was a total bore. Let alone the guy she was skyping with in the video trying to very much sound like a Casanova never made things any better.

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The jaw dropping moment of the video is when I noticed that this so-called ‘rich’ socialite can’t even afford a razor blade!!! Kyoka Zari please spare us, next time you plan to leak your boring sex tape at least shave. Before I forget, this is a tech blog I have to stop here. But before I go, I can’t miss to say this; Zari is now seen by the entire social sphere as one dry mess down there. Even the stunt of playing with here sex toys was a disappointment to those who were expecting real ‘action’.


Now the most hilarious bit of it is that the now viral sex tape has ushered in the most interesting comments from social media. See some of the Facebook by renown blogger Orgeta Ian and comedian Salvado with  ‪#‎BringBackOurMbs‬ and other hilarious comments below…. Am out.

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