Periscope reaches 10 million user milestone

Periscope on Android

10 million users is a big milestone, and that’s the number of subscribers that Periscope has. Twitter’s live-streaming app is on both on iOS and Android and in a period of only four months after it launched they now have 10 million users.

According to Periscope founder Kayvon Beykpour, the more significant milestone for the company, and its preferred metric for judging the success of the app, is the amount of time watched each day. The stats show that users collectively watch 40 years worth of content daily on Periscope and that’s just on iOS and Android excluding web streams. “There’s no better metric that illustrates that people like and are using Periscope.”


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Periscope numbers users

Beykpour also fielded some feature requests during the broadcast. He said the team will consider adding a fast-forward button that would let users fast-forward through streams upon replay. He also said the company is working on new features to reduce spam and abuse on the platform, and on a feature to let users broadcast with their devices in landscape mode.