Pepsi has made its own Android Smartphone called the Pepsi P1

Pepsi P1

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[/blockquote]From selling sugar water to dipping its feet in the smartphone game. The Soda maker Pepsi will soon launch an Android Phones at least in China for the start. It will be called the Pepsi P1. The device is rumored to have a 5.5-inch 1080p screen, with a 1.7 GHz MediaTek processor, aided by 2 GB of RAM. The main camera has 13 megapixels while the front-facing shooter has 5.

Several Android sites have dug up a leaked image of a new device that is clearly branded with the Pepsi logo, something that was even teased on the company’s Weibo account just a few days ago. PepsiCo Inc. has told Reuters that the phone is real, but that the company is just licensing its branding. Another company will manufacture the phone. The P1 is an inexpensive Android, running the latest version of Lollipop and valued at $205 in China.


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Pepsi P1_sheet

There isn’t any definitive word on whether the device will see a release outside the Asian region, especially considering only Pepsi’s Chinese branch appears to have any connection to the phone. It’s likely that the P1 will be manufactured in Asia by independent companies due to Pepsi’s lack of suitable plants.