Pebble smartwatch App store launches today

One of the most successful wearable tech start ups of last year — Pebble, will launch their appstore today. The smartwatch company has announced that the store will go live today, and give Pebble’s growing developer community a centralized place to offer their apps.

Since the Kickstarter successfully released its SDK last year, all it’s third-party software has been a success, but there has been no one specific way to browse and install apps from Pebble itself. That all changes with the Pebble appstore. but the smartwatch has an eight app limit. The company says that the limit is intentional, since it keeps the menu structure on the watch from getting too unwieldy.

The Pebble appstore will be available for both the newly announced Pebble Steel and original Pebble owners, but the iOS version will be launching the first. The Android version will come “very, very soon” Pebble spokesperson Myriam Joire.