Pebble goes all metal, with the newer $249 Pebble Steel SmartWatch

For all smartwatch fans , CES will be yours to drool, the Kickstarter company that began selling its smartwatches like hot cakes last year is now releasing as the second iteration of its watch. The Pebble Steel, was announced today at CES 2014, and is aimed at a slightly different market to the original version, those watch-wearers who perhaps didn’t want to give up their classically-designed Rolex, Omega, or similar for the chunky plastic of the first-gen model.

There will be two Pebble watches,  the plastic Pebble at $149 and Pebble Steel at $249, targeting different types of users altogether.

pebble steel

Quick Feature list

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As part of the features,

  • 1.26-inch e-paper monochrome display,
  • Estimated 5-7 days of battery life,
  • 5ATM waterproofing so that you can still wear the smartwatch while in the shower or when swimming

The most noticeable change, is the obvious casing design. Pebble mills it out of stainless steel, and then either gives it a brushed finish for those who want a silver smartwatch, or a matte black finish using a process called physical vapor deposition that’s supposedly extra-resilient to scratches. With Pebble developers growing in number by around a hundred a day, Migicovsky told us, it’s just the right time for the Pebble appstore to launch, set to happen by the end of this month.

All Images Courtesy of SlashGear