Payit rebrands to Og Money (One Global Money)

OG Money

In a letter sent to dearest customers and partners, merchants payments services Payit has since changed names and rebranded to Og Money (One Global Money). Og Money will evolve Payit to a complete digital financial platform reads the letter.

“Dear Partners, As an esteemed partner of our flagship application, Payit, you’re the first to know about our newest and biggest thing before a lot of other people globally. With this intent in mind, we are writing you this letter. Our newest masterpiece, the Og Money, is soon going to be introduced to the market, and we want you to consider it as a potential acquisition of great worth. We’ve decided to launch new re-brand and move from payment driven platform into complete digital financial platform. We’ve re-branded Payit to Og Money.

One Global (Og) is launching its iconic brand Og Money as a transformational move beyond payments to offer mCommerce, virtual stores, in-store payments experience and digital banking services starting by offering virtual accounts via its digital wallet “My Money.” One Global has been into the mobile financial services sector for the last 11 years. You have trusted our brand and have helped us grow to what it is today.

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We promise to work together to take things to the next level always.”

The letter was signed off by One Global  Executive Chairman Mohammed Sh. Al-Rashidi and confirms its effectiveness as being immediate.