How to pay for Zuku services in Uganda

Zuku TV payments

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Zuku is one of Uganda’s growing PayTV subscription services, and they have been adding several ways to enable their customers pay their bills easily. As a bonus, if you Pay for 12 Months of your Zuku monthly subscription upfront, you will get one month free. The company offers various convenient ways for their customer to make payment including Mobile Money transfers such as MTN, Airtel and also through Visa card. Those who pay via mobile money should note that Zuku will update payments made every two hours. To find out more on how to settle your bill, below.

  1. Mobile Money

    MTN Mobile Money

    To pay via Mobile money, please make sure you identify your Zuku account number on the most recent invoice as you will need this to pay your bill. Go to Mobile Money on your phone, Select Pay Bill option, Select ZukuTV, Enter ZUKUXXXXXX, where XXXXXX is your Zuku Account Number, in account code. Enter Amount and als0 enter your PIN and Send. You will receive a confirmation SMS and email from Zuku. Payment reflects on Zuku within two hours.

    Airtel Money

    For Airtel Money, open the Mobile Money menu by dialing *185# on your phone, Select Pay Bill, Select Others , enter Business Number 111222 and enter the Amount. Then enter your Zuku Client Code and confirm details on confirmation Screen. Enter your PIN and Send

  2. Pay on Zuku Website using debit VISA card

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    Ensure you have your debit VISA card details ready, click on Pay Now on the top tab or the (Direct Link). Here you will enter VISA account details on the form and click continue. Follow the payment steps as shown and click on Complete. You will receive a confirmation via SMS and payment reflects on Zuku within two hours.

  3. Payway

    Head to a Payway POS Kiosk near you and touch the icon for TV.  Select Zuku Tv and enter subscriber number then touch next. Insert the correct amount of money and touch next. Choose your desired bouquet. Select “Default bucket” and touch next. Enter your contact account number and complete the transaction. You will receive a paper receipt and an SMS confirmation of the same. Payment reflects on Zuku within two hours.

  4. Ezee money

    Go to the nearest Service Center and ask to pay for Zuku subscription. Handler or terminal operator will select F6,  TV then selects Zuku TV. Input account number (6digits). Enter subscriber name, subscriber phone number, amount and the receipt is printed. Also, payment reflects on Zuku within two hours.