Pastor blames social media for increased cases of lesbianism and gayism

Pastor blames socialmediaIf there is anything the African culture wants to protect more than their lives, is the roots of the family, in Kenya a pastor blames social media for increased cases of homosexuality and other vices. Uganda recently signed the anti-gay law and this could just be the beginning for the same to happen in Kenya.

According to The Star, while Speaking during a sermon at Jesus Winner Ministry in Roysambu Reverend Edward Mwai said most users of the internet “chat” with strangers who end up luring them into social ills.

“This has broken many families and has been a platform to become gays,lesbians and devil worshipers,” he said. Mwai warned the youth against misusing the internet.

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He urged parents to be keen on what their children do with new technology. Mwai warned women against abortion.

“You may kill your savior,” he said while referring to the case of a six year old girl who recited a solo verse “Mvu Hii” last month during the Kenya National Drama Festivals that caught the attention of the president who changed her family’s lifestyle.

“If the mother had aborted the pregnancy,she would not have enjoyed the president’s favor for the family,” he said.

The president’s team Uhuru rented a descent house for Wanjiru’s family and set up a business for her jobless mother. Meanwhile, Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko donated Sh20,000 by cheque at Jesus Winner ministry as “tithe” through his aide.