Radio and TV complemented by newspapers have traditionally dominated the media landscape for decades in Africa. To bring the point home, it’s no different in Uganda especially amongst seniors of this country that prefer the above mediums. Of late, we have since seen disruption in media consumption habits especially amongst the young tech savvy generation seems to concur with the above assertions. The report from GeoPoll was conducted in February 2017 among 2861 respondents between the ages of 18-34 in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana and Nigeria using the GeoPoll app.

The report portrays the smartphone adoption rate as being double in Sub-Saharan Africa as of 2016 and the trend has seen many African millennials opt to download content from the internet for entertainment purposes and the use of social media as communication tools and as a source of news and information than the aforementioned traditional mediums.

Social Media is on the rise while Newspapers are on a decline

African Millenials GeoPoll 1

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Over 60% of Ugandans millennials for instance use social media as a primary source of information and news compared to slightly over 20%, that access such info from TV and less than 10% that instead use radio and newspapers.

Mobile data continues to be the preferred means to access the internet amongst African millennials. A large chunk of this data is spent on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter with over 60% of the poll results showing that many millennials use it as the primary source of information compared to TV at 25% while newspapers come a distant last at 6%.

The use of social media platforms such as has become second nature to African Millennials’ lives; WhatsApp and Facebook rank among the platforms with the most usage. 56% have created and are most active on WhatsApp  , while 31% are active on Facebook. Not only do African millennials spend more time on their smartphones than on any other gadget on a daily basis, but they are also more likely to be on WhatsApp chatting. A majority (46%) are actively engaged daily in at least 1-3 WhatsApp groups.

African Millenials GeoPoll 2

The report goes on to say that access to video entertainment is going through a significant shift as there is decreased demand for bootleg DVDs across all countries that took part in the poll with the exception of Ghana. Now most millennials access video entertainment that is movies and TV series through online downloads and less go to cinemas.

SVOD services like Netflix, ShowMax and others from Amazon like Amazon Prime Video and Apple aren’t popular either. The few that use them have an affinity towards Netflix.

Gaming is on the rise

While the use of social media takes the lion’s share, gaming is similarly as popular. The most downloaded app by category suggest that gaming comes second to social media, followed by IM apps, banking/finance, education plus health and fitness. Ugandans, Kenyans and Ghanaians millennials have more game apps downloaded on their smartphones than any other app category.