Panya, a Ugandan on-demand services bot is now on Facebook Messenger

Panya, an on-demand services bot that first launched on telegram  is now on Facebook Messenger. The bot left us in awe about how quickly it lived up to its name of being a shortcut to services registered within its domain. Panya is a Luganda noun for shortcut and thus it promises to be your number one shortcut to services in and around Kampala not only on Telegram, but now on Facebook too.

The bot can now readily be found on the Messenger bot platform. Call it your daily butler or the errands person whom it has since replaced with a tweak of tech that is AI. Panya replies to one’s queries over Messenger after they submit digits to corresponding services it offers.

It can help one hail an Uber or a Safe Boda (This requires giving it permissions to), Deliver something, allow anyone do a little shoe and bag shopping, hire handymen, checking for cinemas and their showings times among other things. As for our case, a search for where to watch Disney’s Queen of Katwe yielded great results. We were able to get it from a cinema within proximity from our locale, a process that would have required us to visit the cinema’s website or their Facebook Page directly, something we rather did straight from the Panya bot.panya-bot

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Panya is a bot collection sub-divided into individual bots for different specialties. Panya Master is your shortcut to Kampala’s on-demand services, Panya Deals gets the best fashion deals in Kampala delivered to your doorsteps, then there is Panya fun for discovering fun events and activities around Kampala and finally Panya Fix for the best handymen in neighborhoods.

Visit your Messenger search tab and type Panya, these will display and only select one that will fulfil your quest promptly after you reply with a number that relates to a particular service.