Orange Uganda Launches 4G-LTE: The Era of possibilities is here, with On the move high speed internet

The Era of possibilities begins with Orange’s 4G LTE

Things seem to be going their way this time round, after the carrier was recently announced by telecom regulator UCC to have the best quality network for the fourth time in a row, Orange Uganda has today unwrapped the long awaited mystery behind their new 4G LTE network. The French owned telecom company has at last joined LTE bandwagon after Smile and MTN but with a difference; with real “LTE on the move”, clearly separating themselves from the flock by miles ahead. This means unlike the competition you will be able to use the service on the go without loosing connectivity to Orange’s superior quality internet services.

4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) is a new wireless internet access technology that will enhance the existing Orange 3G+ data services to enable exceptionally faster data rates to and from the internet.

2G, 3G , 4G Any G

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The “G” acronym has been used by telecom companies here in Uganda for some time now, from 2G, 3G, 3.75G , 4G any G seems to pass now-days. So how does Orange’s latest G compare to the rest of the G services it offers.  Orange 4G LTE is the 4G internet service from Orange, the next natural step from the 3G+ internet services of up to 42Mbps and 21Mbps speeds. Anyone using Orange 4G LTE will be able to enjoy wireless internet access at exceptionally higher speeds than 42Mbps and still have access to already existing  super high  3G+ speeds (21Mbps to 42Mbps) , fast 3G (7.5Mbps to 14 Mbps)  and basic  2G access (GPRS and EDGE) in non LTE covered areas

Unlike Smile and MTN LTE that have already launched their LTE, with Orange 4G LTE you will able to use device phone or modem to enjoy Orange’s high quality LTE, HSPA + (42 Mbps ,21 Mbps ) and 2G network seamlessly.

So MTN , Smile and Orange all have LTE, So what’s the difference?

Orange 4G LTE is using FDD technology which is the most popular for 4G services in the world compared to MTN LTE using the TDD technology. This difference offers an exceptionally high speed (almost instant) experience on a range of readily available devices  like modems /dongles for your laptop or PC, routers and mobile phones compared to the limited devices using the MTN LTE service. You can therefore purchase a device from Europe and freely use it with Orange 4G LTE given compatible specifications.

Orange 4G LTE is available on the 800MHz frequency band that provides for good indoor coverage for buildings compared to MTN 4G LTE using 2600MHz that makes the coverage inside buildings poor

Unlike Smile and MTN 4G LTE , Orange 4G LTE  offers the already existing 3G+ and 2G networks, so when out of LTE coverage customers will seamlessly continue their experience with their good quality internet services especially when on the move, anywhere in Uganda.

The service is using an internationally recognized frequency band that enables you to  roam with your device on compatible networks around the world. See table below for all the differences


Lets talk LTE Speeds

The technology can attain speeds of up to 100Mbps making it the fastest wireless internet access service in the country. The super high speed experience, however, will be defined by a combination of different factors like to share service resources (e.g. Bandwidth), dynamic distances from the sites and number of simultaneous users per site. All in all it will feel like the access is instant.

Areas of coverage, LTE services and devices

At the moment just like all other 4G LTE networks, Orange will launch in  Kampala and some surrounding areas are covered with more sites to be added throughout the year. Please visit for more information about 4G LTE, 3G+ , 3G and 2G covered areas.

All Orange customers will be able to enjoy all the popular services you enjoy on the Orange network including HD voice. Customers will enjoy more affordable Orange Internet bundles on their phones, modems and routers from  500/- for 30MB per day, 2,500/- for 75MB per week and the range of monthly  bundles (150MB, 375 MB, 600MB, 1.5 GB, 3.6 GB and 12 GB)

In addition, any bundle purchase of 3months or more instantly gives you a bonus month and date of that bundle Phones to be launched include  the Samsung Galaxy S4 4G LTE version (i9505), HTC One, HTC One SV, Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 plus some ZTE and Huawei Smartphones. Other devices will include modems, mobile and wireless routers.

Orange has really taken their time to launch this product and it seems so worth it. From the hands on we have experienced, we were able to stream High Definition 1080p movies, online radio and some Google hangout video calls, seamlessly with no buffering and all this while driving through the streets of Kampala.