Orange Uganda is now officially re-branded to Africell

Africell Uganda from, Orange

Orange Uganda is now officially re-branded to Africell as of today (23 December 2014) after 6 months in the pipeline. They started out with an initial sms blast to Orange subscribers informing them of the new change and a link to the non-existent new website. The company has pressed a panic button and is starting an intense marketing campaign as a counter for the new market entrants Vodafone who recently joined the highly competitive telecom market. Starting today AfriCell has started an aggressive marketing and brand awareness campaign in preparation for the New Year 2015. (see below)

Africell Uganda SMS, Orange

After 6 years of operation (since 2008) in Uganda, the Orange Group which is the mother company of Orange Uganda has exited the cutthroat competition in Uganda’s telecom market. The exit of Orange Uganda according to Orange Group was attributed to poor performance with just 620,000 voice customers in a period of 6 years despite being ranked the leading data operator last year (December 2013).

Africell Holdings is a Beirut-based company that operates in three countries and Africell Sierra Leone is the biggest operator in that country. Uganda is the most technologically advanced buy-out for Africell unlike Gambia, Sierra Leone and DRC, Uganda brings on table 2G, 3G and 4G networks all in one package that Africell doesn’t have in countries where its currently operating. Africell anticipates gross revenues of over $270 million in 2014 to reach $350 million and $500 million respectively in 2015 and 2016.