Orange Reigns Internet Data Market in Uganda (Poll)


All telecoms best data provider_poll resuts

What a great past week in tech polls here at techjaja. We asked the Ugandan internet users, which internet data service provider they prefer, and the results affirm Orange in the number one position. Our polls show that over 62% of data users in Uganda prefer using the big O’s network for their internet cravings. From day one since Orange launched in 2009, they have been focused on data Market, despite the latest competition from the likes of Smile Communications that have come in second with 18% of the total vote.

According to the polls, this big margin clearly shows that Orange still leads when it comes to data, a gap that the competition is determined to close especially after the pending sale to Africell. Telecom giant MTN comes in 3rd with 8% of the voters committed to using its data services while Airtel and Smart Telecom both had 6% votes. None of the voters gave Uganda telecom the once data leader before Orange appeared on the telecom scene a single vote.

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Well there you have it, if you have a discrepancy with the poll results I guess you never voted, however this week its the battle of the Plasma TVĀ  screens aka Flat screens. You can go here to make your vote.