Orange LTE speeds put to test: We show you what the fuss is all about (Video)

It’s Day 3 of the Orange expo and we are not done yet– after our recent feature about LTE speeds in Uganda that was done by our crew, which saw orange take the crown of fastests LTE speeds in Uganda, seems a lots of questions were left unreciprocated and based on the comments it was resolved that people need to see in order to believe.  We took it upon ourselves once again to give it another try, so we were given a 4G LTE enabled HTC One (801n) phone that we used to run the speed test .

So together with the techpost now Dignited crew we took this phone for a spin and just as we expected we were not disappointed.  We managed to squeeze out 49mbps download speeds and up to 17mbps in upload; seriously what can we say more. Now these are ridiculously fast speeds even for a mobile phone–but hey the technology exists and we need to experience it.

The Orange expo will end tomorrow after 4 days of fun fill tech exhibitions. Orange expo event showcases the best in technology in Uganda.

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Video: 4G-LTE speeds for Orange Uganda using an HTC One