Orange Kenya’s ‘Tujuane’ Tariff Now Permanent

Orange Kenya

Orange, an integrated telecommunications service provider, announced its decision to make the ‘Tujuane’ tariff its default option under its prepaid category of tariffs.

Mickael Ghossein, Orange’s Chief Executive Officer, based the decision on the encouraging uptake of the tariff during the promotional period and considered it a positive step for the operator.

“The Tujuane tariff offers our subscribers value for money on voice and SMS. Our data for the period during the offer shows a 57 percent increase in volume of traffic and a 21 percent increase in revenues.”
said Ghossein, “This affirms the tariff as one that meets the needs of our subscribers and the natural next step was to make this value permanently available them.”

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Ghossein added that Orange believes that the Tujuane tariff will provide subscribers with the opportunity to experience affordable calls to both mobile and landlines via its integrated offering.

“On our network, a call from an Orange mobile line to any landline in Kenya is an on-net call charged at KSh. 2 per minute. In a price sensitive market, many users hesitate to make a call from their mobile
phone to a landline. We are assuring our customers they can do so at the same cost as Orange-to-Orange. This is just one example of the value that we believe our subscribers will experience better with this new,
attractive permanent tariff.”

The tariff charges will remain at the reduced rates of Ksh 1 for SMS across all local networks, Ksh 2 for on-net voice calls and Ksh 3 for off-net voice calls. Orange believes that with the market demanding more affordable rates across networks, the Tujuane tariff currently offers the lowest rates in the market.

Source: CIO East Africa