Orange Botswana empowers youth with Millennium Development Goals

Due to the rampant increase in use of cellular technologies in Botswana, Orange Botswana has come with an initiative to make use of the second MDGs differently this time around after the first one as come to its end. The telecom company has set its sights on helping Africa’s youth through the Millennium Development Goals . In partnership with Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa (YALDA) and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs), including the Dutch NGO for the ‘Voice Africa’s Future’ campaign in this regard, Orange hope to reach its goal.

During the campaign the youth will be asked to share their vision for Africa’s future using their mobile phones. “By the use of cellphone technology, the youth are given a chance to participate as future leaders by stating what they want the next set of ’Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to tackle. Through their participation the United Nations (UN) would use their suggestions to shape the MDGs from 2015 and beyond.”

The campaign will be based on the use of  short messaging system (SMS) to give the youth a voice makes perfect sense. The network provider is the only one in Botswana currently involved in the initiative so far.