Orange Awards App Innovators

Kfree Winners of the Orange Innovation Awards 2014
Kfree: Winners of the Orange Innovation Awards 2014

The 4th Orange community innovation awards, as it reads bringing innovation to the community. The annual event targeting varsity developers showcasing solutions in health, agriculture and education saw many participants. showcase their mobile apps and innovative ideas in a competition that is part of Orange’s annual CSR programme.

Many youths in Uganda today have a lot of passion as regards to software development. The few that we’re nominated at the orange awards have very lovely applications that target different groups of people.

The 4th edition of the CIA, in a ceremony at the Kampala Serena. With Hon Amama Mbabazi the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda, Managing director Huawei Uganda , CEO Orange Uganda, Minister for state for ICT.

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For the third time In a row Prime Minister Hon Amama Mbabazi graced the awards ceremony that have previously been hosted in Makerere university. I am starting to think the prime minister is a techie. “Government is fully encouraging innovations so as to unlock the full potential of our economy,” said the Prime Minister, before adding, “Innovations change the face of the world forever.” He also hinted on how NITA has an app incubation center to our surprise.

The top three applications selected from 26 teams where

2nd Runner up (Bronze): Kawunyemu (2.5 milliom, Orange Internship)

Kawuntenyemu this app helps one track the concentration level of alcohol in their body, assisting drivers avoid driving under the influence of alcohol.

1st Runner Up (Silver): Kwik Study (5 milliom, Orange Internship)

This is an education app uses flash cards to simplify studying for young kids in nusery and primary schools. Through quizzes teachers are able to assess their academic progress in real time.

Winner (Gold): Kfree (10 milliom, Orange Internship)

Remember the cancer app that won people’s choice awards at ACIA 2014 awards? This award winning app is similar a health solution that targets to prevent breast cancer by aiding early detection. Unlike previous app that uses Ultraviolet light thought an electronic glove,  Kfree utilities a mobile app and a small piece of hardware that utilizes light to and takes a spectrum of the breast tissue, which when checked against pre-stored normal spectrum from a non-cancerous breast and one is able to reasonably tell the risk of breast cancer.

The event was also sponsored by New Vision and Huawei Technologies.