The Opera browser re-invents itself with reborn focusing on the social side of things

The Opera desktop browser isn’t as popular as its trimmed down version on mobile called Opera Mini. It is in a horse race against the likes of Chrome, Edge and Firefox but the pack so far outnumber it on desktop but over the past couple of months, its has been on a drive to reinvent itself, adding a free VPN feature, battery saving capabilities an well as native Ad blocking in its browser.

On this stable, it has now added social integrations borrowing a leaf from its experimental browser called Neon released earlier this year. It has now integrated native instant messaging without the need to open multiple browser tabs for each individual messaging service.

You can now text on Whatsapp, Messenger and Telegram in a single tab while you browse.

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The need to migrate to a new browser tab to Whatsapp or attend to Messenger and Telegram is no more with Opera Reborn. All can be accessed in a single tab thus fending off the need to have multiple tabs on a browser which we can all agree on that takes a toll on system resources (Chrome must be in hiding).

To use any of the messengers after you’ve signed in your accounts, you can either access the feature as an overlay or pin it side by side with your current browser tab.  Opera says you can also decide which of the messengers to show by your side by making use of the ‘Customize start page’ option.

Anyone who uses more than one messenger simultaneously can easily switch between them using these shortcut keys, ⌘ + ⇧ + m on macOS and CTRL + SHIFT + m on Windows and Linux.

Opera reborn has also improved on its Ad blocking capabilities, aesthetics, browser animations  and above all, the browser can now warns you of unsecure websites to avoid you submitting sensitive information like credit card details plus the browser making use of the system’s graphical processing unit (GPU) to decode videos efficiently. This in return ensures high video frame rates, higher resolutions and improved battery usage with these videos.