Opera brings free and unlimited VPN to its desktop browser

New Opera browser battery saving1

Opera 40 as they prefer to call it is introducing the desktop browser with a free and unlimited VPN service, baked right in the browser, a novelty of sorts given most browsers ask of users to install them as extensions in order to use them.

The browser whose appeal has long been dwarfed by the likes of Chrome and now Microsoft Edge has recently tried to lure users to its side by introducing battery saving features, an Ad blocker and now the VPN.

The VPN allows one amongst the other reasons to access regionally restricted content, enjoy anonymity online, bypass country sanctioned online censorship. Most VPN services on market are paid for for seamless access while free ones normally have undisclosed  yet unfavorable clauses attached to them that makes them less favorable, making this a win for VPN users.

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This surprise addition to Opera helps one do away with the above though it is currently restricted to five regions. This means a user can only hop upto a maximum of 5 locations. The VPN can be activated by visiting the settings page>Privacy and security and then toggle ‘Free VPN’.