Open sesame: See the hi-tech bra that only opens when a lady is in love (video)

Welcome the bra ladies have been waiting for their whole lives, (or so they think). According to the Mirror, the humble bra has been confusing clumsy men’s stumbling  advances to the ladies for years. No more fluking into anyone’s bra, and now a Japanese lingerie company has made the it even harder for the roaming hands of guys that want to take advantage.

Named the true love tester, the Bra designer Ravijour has developed a ‘smart bra’ that only pings open when it senses that its wearer is in love aka aroused. It works by monitoring the heart rate of its wearer and sends the information via Bluetooth to a smartphone app – if everything checks out, the bra pops open automatically.

Watch the company’s comic promo video:

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