Netflix is the defacto leader when to comes to streaming movies and TV shows.It has a good stable of not only premium content but is host to strong lineup of original content some of which has made rounds.However, it isn’t the only one that could ever exist in doing this right, there are plenty of services for streaming movies and TV shows plus added services out there, some of which are strong contenders to Netflix while others offer a better value proposition.

For those that can afford them, it could savour you from dangers that come with pirating movies and TV shows at your convenience. You could wait a little longer to get some big releases but the convenience is worth the wait.

We cannot thoroughly offer you a conclusive list but we believe the following apps and services are worth a try when it comes to streaming video content online, on the go, living room or any other place of convenience.

 Amazon Prime Video
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So far this is the biggest contender to Netflix with such shows likes The Grand Tour, A Man in a High Castle among others. It also plays host to a myriad of movies ranging from classics, cult favorites, new school,kids, comedy among others. The good news are some of these can be streamed in 4K, HDR aside from the accustomed FHD or HD formats.

Prime Video also has one of the biggest catalogues amongst all services listed here and can be accessed across different media including web, smartphones, gaming consoles, tablets among others.


ShowMax is more like Netflix but only cheaper and doesn’t play well with original content. Most of its content is licensed from different distributors but still has a strong line up some of which are African shows.

It has its roots in South Africa and is a cousin to DSTV Now (More on this later) but it is available across the continent with Uganda inclusive though it is natively a streaming service than a mirror of Multichoice’s TV service online.

Showmax is available on the web, mobile and on some smart TVs.


Vimeo is quite the opposite of Prime Video since and Showmax since it plays host to mostly independent creators content. However, these creators are worth your time as they have some of the best intriguing content you will never find elsewhere. The content is quite diverse though not mainstream but still can get you entertained.


At least everyone knows YouTube though most hate it for its Ad filled content. However that is the price you pay for anything free online. Some distributors and content creators have gone ahead and uploaded hours of shows and movies on Google’s video service though some of this content is paid for. Free ones exists too but it will only take your curiosity and prompt search queries to locate it.

YouTube still has professionally crafted content aside from movies and TV shows encompassing beauty, tech, fitness, DIY,Sports, entrepreneurship among others aside from live TV and other programming across the globe.

It is also one of the most widely available service amongst all listed here and can be found on mobile, desktops, consoles, smart TVs, dongles among others.

Google Play Movies

Google Play movies stands out amongst the above services as having most of its content listed in Ugandan shillings, only that you still have to submit your card details. If mobile money integration was within vicinity, it could even make it a better proposition even with its pricey titles.

Not to sway you by the shillings tags mentioned above, some movies here are free to stream but for a limited period of time while others are for both renting and buying though each commanding a different cost.

The Google Play Store would be the easiest shortcut to Play movies under the movies section.


Dubbed as the Netflix for the developing world, iflix stays true to this description when it comes to its subscription fees that rival those of its bigger streaming giant, Netflix. It also has a fairly large library of content to take advantage of. It is yet to launch officially in Uganda but those that can circumvent the geo barriers can stream its content.


DSTV Now collates DSTV content across its different bouquets into a single destination. It incorporates both live TV and Catch Up, the latter allowing you to binge as many DSTV shows and movies as you want. The biggest differentiator aside from YouTube is the live TV integration that most services listed here lack.It is a free service but only tied to one’s DSTV subscription.


iRoko is the number one destination for everything Nollywood! While other services are as diverse as the word itself, iRokotv stands out for being a localised and credible destination for great African content coming out from West Africa that has come to be appreciated across the continent. However, this very reason limits its ability to break into other African territories with localised content but still, it is worth a try.

While duplication of titles is a sure guarantee on almost every service above, original content is the prime differentiator between all of them and this where Netflix and Amazon Prime beat the rest hands down. When it comes to African content, iRoko and maybe Showmax will sort you out.