Online Shopping Is Revolutionising Business in Nigeria

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By Zakariyya Adaramola

Online shopping is revolutionising the way business is being done in Nigeria, the Managing Director of Konga Dot Com, Sim Shagaya, has said. Shagaya, in a statement at the weekend, said the Internet has revolutionized the way many things, including buying and selling, are done in the country.

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According to him, buying and selling is now being made attractive with online shopping because it helps avoid traffic jams, long payment queues, pick pockets/robbery incidents and several other things faced by the typical Nigerian shopper.

“An hour of window shopping can be avoided by exploring online stores, and people, especially women, look for stores which offer the best prices before purchasing something”, he said, adding that the retailers can also take advantage of the situation by selling their goods at wholesale prices that are cheaper or can compete with market prices.

He said recent statistics for online shopping in Nigeria has shown over 200% increase in the last couple of years.

Source: Daily Trust