One step forward, three steps back: Kenya’s Supreme court okays some media houses to continue analogue TV broadcasts

Kenya supreme court

The process of digital migration has really been a hustle in most African countries. Even after¬†Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) communicated that the digital migration date that was set for December 31, 2014, Kenya’s three main media houses, Nation Media Group (NMG), Royal Media Services (RMS) and Standard Group (SG) can legally broadcast on analogue frequencies, according to an extension given by the Supreme court.

Supreme Court Judge Mohamed Ibrahim and Chief Justice Willy Mutunga extended the analogue broadcast as the Communication Authority sought to bar the determination of the case yesterday and applied that the matter should be heard by the full bench of the Supreme Court.

The two-judge Bench also ordered the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) to let the three media houses carry their content on the analogue platform until their application to extend the switch off date is heard. According to CIO EA, the media houses had filed the application last Friday where they asked the court to extend the digital migration deadline for another four months to allow them time to procure equipment for the switch-over. The judge ruled that

“The switch-off date shall be extended until further directions of the court,”

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CCK had accused the three media houses of enjoying an unfair advantage over other industry players by having a presence on both digital and analogue platforms. It said

“CA does not switch off. It gives notice to media houses who switch off the analogue platform. As we speak, only RMS, NMG and SG are on both digital and analogue platforms,”

In response, the media houses, said CA had only furnished them with one of the four promised frequencies, which are needed to complete the procurement of transmitters for the digital signal. The date for the full hearing will be announced later .


Image Credit: kenyalegalproject

Source: CIO EA