Nvidia’s latest Tegra chip is ready for high-speed LTE-Advanced networks

Early this early in February  the struggling chipset maker Nvidia introduced its Tegra 4i, mobile processor which it billed as a cheaper,smaller, more power-efficient alternative to the ultra high-performance Tegra 4  is already being shown in an upgraded form this week. From the previously demons the chip was able to support 100Mbps LTE, the latest version is compatible with the 150Mbps LTE-Advanced networks.

This chip has been upgraded so fast and sure its due to the fact that Nvidia received a lot ot complaints about the initial release. The hardware is identical to the part shown off back at Mobile World Congress, but because it features a “software-defined modem,” Nvidia simply applied an update to the chip’s
integrated modem circuitry to bring it up to spec with LTE-Advanced. The company says that another update that it’s currently working on will make the 4i compatible with voice over LTE (VoLTE). LTE is purely a data network and indorder to make a voice call current networks have to fallback to 3G or 2G networks until the call ends, hence the use of VoLTE.

Nvidia still faces an uphill battle for adoption: besides Qualcomm’s dominance, industry giants Apple and Samsung both source their own processors, so it’ll be looking to the 4i’s midrange pricing to pick up some slack.

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