Nvidia unveils the Tegra X1 mobile ‘superchip’

Nvidia X1 superchip

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has today unveiled the company’s next generation new mobile chip, the Tegra X1. The chip comes with 256 processor cores and eight CPU cores, and the company has called it the first mobile “superchip.”

Last year at CES, Nvidia released the K1 processor, which had 190 processor cores. The Tegra X1 is built atop the Maxwell architecture, which is both fast and energy-efficient and can handle 4K video at 60Hz, and is the first mobile chip to exceed 1 teraflop of throughput.

The X1 will soon power the new¬†Drive CX “digital cockpit computer,” a fully-functioning infotainment system that could power an array of screens inside your car that monitor speed, temperature, and entertainment. The question is, with mobile OEMs adopt the X1 for their 2015 flagships or will their closest competitor Qualcomm releases a more powerful Snapdragon processor to silence the Tegra X1.