Nvidia unveils a 192 core mobile processor, the Tegra K1

Just when we thought Nvidia will announce the Tesla 5, we got side stepped, instead, the company has announced the Tegra K1, the world’s first 192-core processor, with 192 Kepler cores inside it. Now this is some other level of super computing,

With the 192 graphics cores, Nvidia places its self as the one stop shop for a mobile game consoles. There will be a version of the chip with traditional 32-bit “4+1” ARM cores like Tegra 4, and even a version with a dual-core 64-bit “Denver” CPU, the ARM chip that Nvidia announced in 2011. There will even be a third option for cars.

Huang, the company CEO,  positioned the Tegra K1 as significantly more powerful than either than Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3.