NSSF launches a whistleblowing portal

The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) recently launched a whistleblowing platform on its website to enable employees report non-complying employers, who otherwise don’t remit their NSSF contributions to the institution, cases of fraud and corruption among others.

An estimated 12,000 employers are said not to be complying to social benefits laws compelling them to remit their worker’s savings, which in return risks the victim’s benefits and NSSF believes this platform will help in reporting such wrongdoing.

The law requires employers with five or more employees to deduct five per cent of their workers’ salary and top it up with a 10 per cent contribution, thereby remitting the 15 per cent to the fund for every employee.

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However, 12,000 of the total number of employers are not complying and of the 13,000 who are complying, only 8,900 are consistently remitting NSSF contributions for their employees, reports the Observer.

Counting over 1.6 million registered accounts, NSSF is the largest non-banking financial institution in the country and the mandatory powers exerted by the institution makes it criminal to evade remitting worker’s benefits should you fall in line. However the figures above express that a good percentage of Ugandans are cheated of their benefits by their employers.

“It is illegal for an employer to withhold their employees’ social security contributions. The campaign is aimed at empowering employees to be vigilant and speak out to ensure that their employers remit their savings to the Fund. We do believe that when employers are compliant, workers will have an opportunity to save for their retirement,” Says Richard Byaruhanga, NSSF’s. Managing Director.

NSSF guarantees that vigilantees identities will be guarded jealously in order to encourage and protect persons that come out to report a case of non-compliance, fraud and corruption, misconduct among others. The portal somewhat creates a sense of anonymity with disclaimers warning whistleblowers to remove local sent file and erase meta data prior to submitting a complaint, to avoid using work computers to report or submit personal information. Also, whistleblowers are advised to use Tor browsers  among others.