Here is how the new cheap Zuku TV Smart Pack compares to other Satellite TV offerings

Zuku packages

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When the Wananchi Group’s home entertainment brand Zuku TV introduced an exciting new low-cost television package last week, we could hardly believe that Satellite TV is now as cheap as UGX 10k and it includes regional as well as a variety of alternative genre channels with the main emphasis on local content. The package dubbed Zuku Smart or Smart Pack will cost customers a monthly subscription fee of UGX 10,500 only am sure by know that must have sinked it. We even wrote a longform post, wondering how DSTV will be able to survive this price war, especially after their Parent company, Mulitchoice had planned to increase its monthly subscription rates on April 1st, a plan which was later abandoned.

When compared to Zuku TV’s other packages like Zuku Standard and premium, the Smart Pack has over 31 quality channels that are a healthy mix of local major free-to-air, news, special interest entertainment and children’s channels. What DSTV has going for it is that it has a low startup installation cost at only UGX 130,000 compared to Zuku’s UGX 200,000, but when it comes to subscription fees which matters a lot anyway, most will prefer to opt for Zuku. Zuku has ensured that customers who subscribe to this new package do not remain locked in and has therefore allowed them the option to upgrade to whichever package they please even after subscription. Check out the table below how the new cheap Zuku TV Smart Pack compares to other Satellite TV offerings.

 Smart PackZuku Classic Zuku Premium
Initial setup feeUGX 200,000UGX 200,000UGX 200,000
Monthly Subscription UGX 10,500UGX 23,500UGX 33,500
Number of TV stations3170102
Number of Radio Channels515151
Are Local channels avaibaleYESYESYES