Note from #256Talks Personality Growth

For the later part of yesterday Robert Bake entrepreneur and inspirational speaker was hosted by Hive Colab during an in-depth discussion about how we can make money.

It is necessary that one gets a job in order to build contacts and also learn invaluable money and planning skills. However, to gain more freedom in the form of work patterns and financial flexibility you ought to be self-employed. Better yet, with even more perseverance you could go into business and leverage your work to professionals. But at the throne of this all is an investor; the ultimate stage of financial stability where money works for you.

Formula to Success

Ever wondered if there’s some sort of formula to success? Well, there is. From the ancient past, it has evolved from physical strength in the prehistoric times to the agrarian that measured wealth in land and animals. This then evolved to the industrial revolution characterized with machinery, skills and specialization, education and professionalization.

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While these once triumphed, their time is long past with the coming of the so known dot com era, a world where information is everything. There are four dimensions to the success formula of today. The first being intelligence, the ability of the mind to comprehend circumstances and make decisions. The second is information acquired through listening, reading and experience to complement intelligence. The third is inspiration that provides motivation from within the spirit beyond the mind to give birth to the fourth, ideas, which are the seed of innovation.

Further discussion revealed that networking is also very important as an environment for one to exercise the four “I”s above and that everything comes to nothing if the final ingredient is missing from the mix; execution. It is also important to pursue a venture only where you have a passion, or better yet backed by skill and/or talent. You shouldn’t borrow money to start a business unless fully certain it is your only obstacle to success. And in the end, if it doesn’t work out, there’s always a lesson to learn.