Not even the Galaxy Note 7 could deter Samsung’s expected earnings


We might have been treated to exploding Galaxy Note 7’s as the year drew to a closure, followed by a global recall of all Note 7 handsets in both consumer hands and retail outlets but it turns out the harm isn’t as painful as anticipated given Samsung has issued its projected earnings for the Q4 that are surprising than predicted.

Samsung is expecting a consolidated profit of $7.2 billion, an increase of $2 billion in profit it registered in the same quarter last year of $5.2 billion. If these figures turnout accurate, then the debacle that is the Note 7 might turnout not to have had that much impact on Samsung’s finances.

Also if these results are to be true, this will turn out to be Sammy’s strongest quarter in a little over 3 years against not only  sales of its earlier models like the well received S7 and the S7 Edge but strong sales of its memory chips and displays that many analysts believe attributed to this apparent success.

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While Samsung seems to have dealt with its worst PR nightmare and had to contend with a $5 billion loss owing to the Note 7. These projected earnings  suggest otherwise and also point a rosy picture for the rumored AI powered Galaxy S8 that is due later the coming months,  owing to the confidence expressed by financial report .