Nokia’s 41-megapixel ‘EOS’ photos leak: We see a hybrid between the Lumia 920 and 808 PureView. (Update Video)

Nokia E

Just as expected, Images of Nokia’s next flagship Windows Phone are now starting to appear. GSM Arena has obtained a number of photos that show the front, rear, and sides of Nokia’s 41-megapixel ‘EOS’ device. From all the photos we see in the gallery above they all look to be genuine engineering samples of the upcoming codename EOS handset. The device is rumored to include a 41-megapixel camera with Xenon flash, OLED display, polycarbonate body, and 32GB of storage with no SD card

gsmarena_200 gsmarena_105 gsmarena_103

More information suggests that the handset will come complete with the next Windows Phone 8 update (GDR2) and Nokia’s own “amber” additions. Nokia is also building an additional camera application for the EOS to provide access to the granular control over the camera hardware. Nokia is expected to unveil the device in July.  See more images from the source link below

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 Update: The Nokia EOS has a mechanical shutter, which can be seen in the video below.