Nokia X can now run full Google’s Android apps and services

In the world of hacking on mobile devices, Android leads the way , as Nokia’s recently announced ‘Android’ phones can now run Google’s Apps and services at least unofficially. Its only been a few days, and hackers have managed to gain root access to the Nokia X and covert it to run most of Google’s key services. In just a few steps, an xda-developers member Kashamalaga managed to convert his Nokia X to run the Google Play Store and Google apps, all this means Nokia has some kind of plan C as they had not locked down the device too heavily. Apps like Gmail, Google Now, Google Maps, and Hangouts appear to run on his Nokia X developer handset. See video
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All this comes at a time when Microsoft is on the Verge of buying Nokia, and this could be rather a little embarrassing that Google Apps can run on the Finnish smartphone maker’s Phone. The Nokia X Android handset was designed specifically to run Microsoft services like, OneDrive, and Skype. Nokia appears to be happy that the X has been hacked to run Google’s Android apps and services. In a tweet the company says it’s “very excited to see progress is being made.