Nokia pokes fun at Apple’s latest iPhone 5C innovation

Last week, as Apple announced the iPhone 5C, its inaugural colored iPhone, Nokia’s marketing team took off sometime to poke fun at the company’s latest “innovation”. Based on a tweet posted to the Nokia UK account simply said (Screenshot above) “thanks, Apple” and was accompanied by an image an assortment of colorful Lumia family alongside the textimitation is the best form of flattery.” This was the perfect fodder for Microsoft and Nokia fans to poke fun at Apple with over 39,000 retweets — and it has turned into one of the most successful branded tweets ever.

By comparison, Nokia’s tweet has more than double the retweets in a far smaller time period. Of course, it’s worth noting that Nokia didn’t exactly invent the idea of multi-colored electronics devices, as its worth noting that Apple has
been making colored iPods in the recent years.