Nokia makes an Android Launcher

Noika z launcher

With thousands of Android Launchers on the Google Play Store, today Nokia thinks  can make you install their new homescreen launcher for Android called the Z Launcher. The Z Launcher joins several other app launchers, that have been around for longer, and arguably do more. The app has been designed as an alternative to Microsoft’s Windows Phone software and Nokia’s own higher-end phones. The app has been made by Nokia’s newly-spun-off technologies group — that part that Microsoft never bought— and now is it’s own startup.

The idea behind this new Launcher, is to give you a running list of apps and contacts that changes based on where you are and what you’re doing. The launcher gives you the liberty to write letters in the middle of your homescreen to search what’s installed on your phone, and also on Google.

You will have the same Google’s standard row of apps on the bottom, which Nokia’s augmented with a list of apps you can scroll through in alphabetical order. There is currently no support for widgets.

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The App is currently on “pre-beta” and, what we can so far report is that the handwriting recognition works some what well. It handled one and two letter scribbles, but we are still trying it out. Nokia wants to  bring Z Launcher over to iOS, though Apple’s system does not yet allow third-party apps to change the look and feel of the homescreen. You can hit the source link below for more info on Nokia’s launcher.