Nokia Lumia sales reportedly soar

Nokia is expected to announce some new gadget goodies this week, in Abu  Dhabi and today  the Wall Street Journal reports that Lumia sales have hit a record high for the four times in a row quarter by quarter. The WSJ says Nokia sold “at least eight million” Windows Phones between July and September. That is almost three times  2.9 million sales it managed in the same period last year and also more than the 7.4 million it sold last quarter. Let not compare these figures to the big dogs like Samsung but Nokia is proving that it will make it despite using a less popular Windows Phone OS.

Nokia is rumored to this week announce six devices tomorrow at its Nokia World event in Abu Dhabi. Among the new products will be the company’s first tablet, and a large-screened phone, and the list goes on. To us it seems they are clearing out all Nokia made products before the full acquisition by Microsoft goes into effect.