Nokia dominates Windows Phone Market at 85%, Lumia 520 reigns as King

nokia dominates wp

In what has come as a shocker for some, the Lumia 920 is not the popular one of them all. Based on a research by advertising company AdDuplex, the Nokia Lumia 520 is the world’s most popular Windows Phone handset. In the Windows Phone space it is no big surprise that Nokia dominates by over 85% which is fair enough given the fact that the Finnish based company does most of the campaign for the platform.

nokia dominates wp

We suspect that the popularity of the Lumia 520 is due to the increasing number of entry level smartphone users in places such as Asia and Africa which are also Nokia strong hold areas. It seems Microsoft and Nokia have a hold on the budget device market, while Google, Samsung, HTC, and other
big companies have a hold on the top-tier device market. However, Nokia is aiming their sights on that category as well. Their flagship Lumia 920 has been out for some time, and they just recently announced the 1020 with a 41MP camera attached.

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The Lumia 920 comes in second with 11.8% of the Windows Phone market, followed by the Lumia
620 with 9.6%. Six other Nokia Lumia phones make the list, but the HTC 8X gets sliver of the pie with 3.7% of the Windows Phone market share.


source:  AdDuplex