Nokia branding to be replaced with Microsoft Lumia

Ari Partinen_Lumia

Ari Partinen_Lumia

After all the waiting and anticipation, Microsoft has finally started giving hints about its plans to kill off the Nokia and Windows Phone brands as we saw last month. Microsoft Lumia will replace the Nokia brand name –this comes after a slow transition from over to Microsoft’s new mobile site. According to sources,  Nokia France will be the first of many countries that adopt “Microsoft Lumia” for its Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts.

Since there is a company called Nokia in Finland already existing, its high time for Microsoft to wean its self off the Nokia brand name. Most Nokia’s Windows Phone apps have lately been rebranded to Lumia recently, and it makes sense for the company to keep the Lumia brand.

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What’s not clear is how Microsoft will handle the branding on its future Windows Phone. We currently don’t know the fate of future Windows Phone branding since all current Lumia devices carry the Nokia logo at the front and back. We’ll likely have to wait until Microsoft announces a new Lumia.

Source: The Verge