The Nokia 3310 is so many things, its a block buster public relations grand slam. Its a shameless appeal to the nostalgia of a connected generation. And, its the cornerstone of an old name’s fresh beginning. Under it all of course its just a simple little dumb phone, but to me, and probably you, its so irresistible. This is the review of Nokia 3310 2017 Again.

If you owned a phone around the turn of the century, you might already know the 3310. Its the pebble shaped cellphone that lasted forever on a charge and seemed indestructible. If you haven’t heard of it, you are probably a i-gen or millennial kid and its not your fault. Anyway, at some point between its re-launch early this year in February and its 126th million sale way back in the day the 3310 became an icon of reliability in communications.

The hardware basics

Flash forward to today, the new Nokia 3310 is great in the hard, its tiny just like the old one but modernized just make it clear that this is a 2017  homage, not a dusty antique. The TFT display has been enlarged at 2.4 inches (240 x 320  about 167 ppi), and promoted to color from black and white. There is now a camera albeit a very basic one, and the phone is about 40 percent lighter.

The Nokia 3310 review 5
Nokia 3310 hangs out with the Galaxy S8 Plus
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This phone has no listed CPU or GPU as that is irrelevant to what it has to do. It has 16 MB of on-board storage with an option to upgrade to 32 GB using a micro SD card. Dual SIMs are also on board and 1200 MAh battery. What it does have that some 2017 smartphones lack, is a 3.5 mm headphone jack pin and also a 2 MP camera with LED flash which I hope you won’t be using much.

Put it besides one of today’s  moderately sized smartphones and its striking just how much our priorities have changed since 2000 when portability and battery life were everything.

Speaking of battery, the 3310 can go for 22 hours when you decide to make a phone call it can last up to 22 hours and on stand by it can go up to month without needing a charge. Its amazing how much of endurance you can squeeze out of your phone when the most complex game you can play is Snake.

A battle to type on that Keypad

The 3310 is just like a lot of dumb phones, in that the keypad is cramped and tough to use, which also makes texting kind of a nightmare until you get re-used to the olden predictive text. And that kind of ties in with the whole theme here. Yah there is browser,

The Nokia 3310 review 3
The Nokia 3310 keypad

and a media player and Micro-SD and FM Radio and a handful of other features , but the most complicated thing you’re really expected to do with this phone is send occasional texts. That means its not likely to become anyone’s primary device nor is it likely to sell in huge numbers as some kind of back up phone given its hefty price of over UGX 350,000 yet for the same price you can get yourself a decent real smartphone.

More than anything, this is a throwback, built for lovers of retro culture, debuting under one of the  most  beloved brands in mobile.  Some people scratch their glory days itch by buying a UGX 2 million shilling blackberry and now still others can buy a tribute to one of the building blocks of modern mobility for the price mention above.

The User experience

The Phone runs Nokia’s 30 plus series OS, and playing around with the interface is basic and straight forward. You have only 2G support although Nokia will update to 3G versions soon. Calls were as clear as the data speeds was snail slow for obvious reasons irrespective of the network SIM that put in the phone.

On the front, you have your time, SIM information your battery indicator on the corner. The Go to menu on the right bottom side, the main menu on the middle and the camera quick shortcut on the right. For first time users, it will take you a bit to figure out how the buttons work especially if you are used to a smartphone. In the main menu everything is laid out very nicely in a nice organized interface which kind of looks like Apple’s iOS where you don’t have much customizability whatsoever.

The Nokia 3310 review 2You will find thing such as Notes, Calendars, calculator alarm clock, file folder, voice recorder, Apps and Games folder with an App store where you can download some very basic applications but really nothing much. You can also store your music, check the weather, watch some videos on the small screen, you have a setting menu also come pre-loaded with an Opera web browser.

Don’t use this camera

As said before, the phone comes with a small 2 Megapixels and it just kind of goes to remind you that this phone is not for everyone. It would have been cool to see them include a budge 2017 camera model may be 5 MP. After taking one phone on this phone, you will swear not to use the camera ever again, it even has a digital zoom option that makes the images look a lot worse. And am not being nit picky here this based off a year 2000 phone when you see the pictures from this phone, scratching your eyes out will an option for you. Let just skip this section, we’re sure you get the gist.