The Nokia 3310 is coming back with a bang

Image Credit: Huffington Post

By now you must be knowing that HMD Global is the entity tasked with manufacturing and marketing of Nokia branded handsets. The company is yet to announce four new handsets later this month at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and one of them will be the legendary Nokia 3310, though there is no the rumored Nokia P1 flagship handset in sight. VentureBeat reports that a person privy to the matter is quoted to have said so.

The Nokia 3310 was renowned for its battery prowess and quality build and was a darling back in the day. Other soon to be unveiled handsets will include the Nokia 3, 5 and 6.The Nokia 6 was earlier launched as a China exclusive with mediocre specs that included a 5.5Inch FHD screen, 4GB of RAM and a 16MP primary camera. The 3 and 5 aren’t any different and won’t juice up the 6..

The  Nokia 5 will downsize the 6 further with 5.2Inch HD screen, a 12MP primary camera and will come with half the RAM at 2GB while retaining the same SoC as the  Nokia 6, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 430. It is estimated to retail for $200.

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The Nokia 3 on the other hand goes down the drain and is said to be an entry-level  Android handset.

The killer of all will be the reincarnated  Nokia 3310. The original one was a marvel of phone engineering maintaining a powerful yet reliable battery and outstanding hardware for many to envy. The new 3319 will be a spruced up version of its predecessor but without a spec sheet to cement this, we only hope HMD Global lives upto to this hype.