For no good reason, you can run Windows 95 on the Apple Watch

Windows 95 on Apple Watch

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[/blockquote]Back then, it took a huge box filled with silicon chips, semi conductors, a huge display to run Microsoft’s Windows Operating system. 20 years down the road, a developer has successfully put Windows 95 on his Apple Watch. Well, it will take over an hour to boot up, but developer Nick Lee posted a video to YouTube showing what it looks like once the operating system is up and running. As expected, it’s very slow, to say the least. The big question people want answered is how functional it is.

As Lee points out in a blog post on medium, the Apple Watch’s specs are well above those of a typical Windows 95 computer, so it’s logical that it should be capable of running the Microsoft’s old OS. Of course, there are quite a few hurdles to get past first, including the fact that Apple doesn’t exactly provide a way to install new operating systems on the Watch, let alone apps that it hasn’t vetted.

So, how did he do it?

The developer told The Verge, that in order to get 95 running, he had to modify Apple’s development software in “rather unorthodox ways. This method allowed him to essentially turn Windows 95 into a Watch app, which also emulates an environment for the OS to run on.

Unlike normal windows, the Apple screen always turns off, and thats another bitter fact Lee also had to deal with the fact. The result is very slow, but impressively functional. Though it looks a bit like he’s swiping around, Lee says that he altered the Watch’s software to let Windows 95 track a single fingertip, allowing the mouse to be moved by tapping where he wants it to go. You can read more on how it was done in Lee’s post.

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