Apparently the National Information Technology Association of Uganda (NITA Uganda), the organization that’s supposed to be setting the standards for Information Technology in Uganda, has it’s Twitter account is being operated under a personal Gmail account!!!.

NITA Uganda’s Twitter account which goes by a twitter handle @NITAUganda1 is being operated under a personalized Gmail account, we are not aware of who owns this specific email address but it must be one of NITAU’s top executives. Such is a security blunder which might result into serious implications we have seen it happen elsewhere in the world like USA where high profile government officials are using personal email servers for official work.

If unscrupulous people wanted to take control of this account, it would be very easy to accomplish this by hacking this Gmail account taking advantage of the two-factor authentication system were you need either the phone number or email account and boom u done you have complete control.

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Just imagine the damage once sensitive information from this account is leaked to the public, we imagine that even people at the media center may not be able to pull off this one.

We are yet to establish how many more official twitter or social media accounts are being operated under personal email accounts or even phone numbers :).

Well as NITA is “Transforming  Uganda into a knowledge-based society by leveraging IT as a strategic resource to enhance government services, enrich businesses and empower citizens” they should set the security standards within their own backyard.