Today, the National Information Technology Authority Uganda (NITA-U) has hosted an open dialogue with leading private sector players including bankers, schools, health, agriculture and telecoms in an upcoming System integration project at Serena Hotel. The project is aimed to integrate all government systems and the private sector like energy, telecoms banking for easy access of all this information by the Ugandan citizens through a mobile app and an online portal. For Ugandans to access these services, the government plans to use the National ID Number (NIN) as the central means of identification.

Imagine being able to apply, pay and receive your passport or renew your driving permit from the comfort of your sitting room. This is the direction this project aims to take the country by using technology to ease service provision. When this project kicks off, Ugandans will be able to access all services provided by the different companies and government sector with ease. Innovators and developers will be able to use this data to come up with new and exciting ideas.

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This means that NITA-U will have to explore and integrate all available options like secure online payments, SMS- Gateways and e-procurement systems as we see in the image below.

System Integration Project by NITA-U

When it comes to security concerns, NITA-U’s MD Mr Ssaka James (featured image) assured the private sector and other stakeholders that the Authority has the best security experts in the country and they will fight tooth and nail to ensure that this data is protected. Several stakeholders in the private sector raised their concerns and gave their ideas on how to ensure that this project is successful.

So, if you are part of the private sector and want voice your concern check out this survey and make your contribution.

NITA plans to start procurement process and roll-out this project in the next coming months, with things like driving permit intergration as high priority.