NGT Summit -Day 2: Potential for growth of mobile technology in Africa

It’s day 2 all tech juices all flowing with the ICT and telecom experts at the NGT (Next Generation Technology) summit 2013 in Cape town South Africa. Network operators, service providers and vendors are rubbing shoulders to in all possible ways to ensure that they take back home solutions to issues they have been having. Among the Key highlights we had:

  • Mobile Money: This has been seen as a key success espcically in countries like Kenya’s Safaricom with their MPESA. The issue now is that there is a growing threat by banks as the compete for the same customers. However Mobile operators insist that they work hand in hand withe the banks to avoid any competition
  • Mobile Advertising: This is a growing threat especially when subscribers receive annoying SMS ads they have no opted in and on top of that being charged. Solutions like targeted advertising were pitched with emphasis with working closely with local App developers who can build appsĀ  where subscribers can easily opt in or opt out.
  • Mobile TV was seen as a dying data service in Africa as its potentialĀ  has not been exploited yet fully

All vendors and partners also showcased their new products and solutions through various meeting sessions.