NGT Summit 2013 -Day 1: CEO Orange Kenya gives motivating Keynote speech

As promised Techjaja will bring you all the juicy details at the NGT Summit, that gathers the best minds in telecoms in Africa to discuss  about the industry and the future of telecoms on the continent. Its Day one and i have just arrived at the Summit at the beautiful Cape Town in South Africa and all delegates are ready to rub shoulders in different tech related collaborative topics.

We were later blown away by Orange Kenya CEO Mr Ghossein’s motivational speech about data penetration in Africa, and the issues African operators face. Giving lots of examples of course based on Kenya as a case study the CEO Stressed the fact that most of  the revenue in the telecoms market is brought in by foreign companies and not local governments. He also tackled that fact that despite the numerous sea fiber optic cables brought onto the continent operators are still faced with the issues of constant fiber cuts, which has intern affected the growth of the data market.

With motions high, its clear that the future of Africa is in data and its high time we embrace it. The Next Generations telecoms summit is aimed at bringing the best minds of the industry in the continent to share ideas and to shape a way forward.