Nexus 5 leaks in 7 minute hands on video

Well most Nexus fans will be having a great weekend, as they will get to enjoy a full 7 minute hands on video with the LG Nexus 5. After all the rumors we have heard for the past few weeks, but this is the clearest view yet at what we’re expecting to be Google’s next Nexus phone. The video is plastered with the French site whom it appears we have to thank.


We’ve not had chance to digest it all yet, but jump in and take a look for yourselves in the video up top. As we see it shows the phone to be running Key Lime Pie instead of kitkat, so it’s likely an older build of the software and doesn’t show us anything new. Also, on the hardware front, the large Nexus logo we’ve seen repeatedly in previous leaks on the rear of the phone seems to be missing. That, plus the “not for sale” sign on the back would indicate this probably isn’t a retail unit we’re
looking at.

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