New Vision quietly revamps its website: A modern new look for 2016 and beyond

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[/blockquote]With the new year comes new changes, and New vision –the government-owned daily newspaper has changed its website for what we feel is for the better. Gone is the old cluttered website, now everything looks new, modern and simple to the eye. With this new look we bet people will be tempted to visit the site more often. Gone is the confusion and mix between content and advertisements on the front page that used to slow down the website, the site now looks like it was carefully given a touch of modernity and brought into 2016 with grace. It now scores GT Metrix speed test of 88% with a 7.35 MB homepage, in comparison the Daily Monitor, one of Uganda’s most visited news website scores 32% in speed with a heavy 15 MB homepage. The mobile experience is also clean, loads fast and is responsive. This shows how much work New Vision has put into its new website, and you can see from the comparisons below between the old and the new websites they have come a long way.

new vision old vs new websites
New Vision Old Website (left) Vs New Website (right)

Inspired by modern website design, the front page welcomes you with a hero image of the latest burning news, most popular stories, Today’s Picks, a Featured Video and World News as you scroll down with a few Ads in order not to spoil the reader experience. The individual articles have also been given a redesign with what looks like a somewhat tweaked font, which is much more readable. All the changes that you will see on the New Vision website scream simplicity at its best putting content first to its readers in favor of ads and we hope the company will keep it this way going forward.¬† The new changes have also been affected across the board on Vision Group’s other online new papers like¬† Bukedde. What a way for the Government owned newspaper to enter the new year.

The Vision Group incorporated as the New Vision Printing & Publishing Company Limited (NVPPCL), started business in March 1986. They are a multimedia business housing newspaper, magazines, internet publishing, television, radio broadcasting, commercial printing, advertising and distribution services. Do you like the new look of New Vision? Leave us a comment below.