New Viber update focuses on data saving when connected to mobile network

Viber on Android

The makers of one of the most popular free messaging app Viber have just released an update of their Android app that focuses on saving the amount of mobile data used when connected to a 2G, 3G or 4G LTE network. This helps reducing the data you use when chatting or making a Viber call on a cellular connection.

This is a welcome update given the amount of data the app guzzles when in use is pretty huge. We can’t tell by how much the update will save on your data but it’s worth pressing the 37 MB update and find out by yourself after installing and using the app.
In addition to the above, the change log includes the ability to restrict data use and some bug improvements.
Viber on Android update

Download viber update from the Google Play store from the source link below.
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