Vule Airways Uganda launch

Amidst the tricky Airline business that has several new start-ups and several international carriers in the region, a new airline called Vule Airways will launch its maiden flights this November based in Kampala. Vule is positioning itself as a budget airline giving affordable prices to Ugandans who want to travel. This is the second privately owned carrier in Uganda, after the demise of Air Uganda, Alliance Air, Africa One, Africa Airways and Victoria International.

“Vule will acquire the aircrafts and will work out all the operational costs, you have known that there are different taxes that we will take into consideration in order to come up with a package that will be released very soon” Vule Airways Managing Director, Mwesigwa Nviiri told journalists earlier this week. However, given regional competition driven by  bigger players like Kenya Airways, Ethihad and Ethiopian Airlines among others, Vule’s task ahead is clearly cut out.

Rona Serwadda from the Ministry of East Africa community internal affairs said that the government doesn’t want to down play that it is going to be very easy but has assured Ugandans that they have tried to do their feasibility studies and analyzed the challenges in the airline industry, both continentally and and internationally.

Flights from Enttebbe to London

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Weighing onto the matter, industry stakeholders like companies in the tourism industry pointed out that Uganda as a country lacks Forex, with very few exports in comparison to the imports. So it would be good for Uganda to encourage tourists to come spend money here and Vule could be the solution.

Vule will start with a fleet of 6 Air-crafts that will be on lease, and hope to double the fleet withing a year in light of demand. According to the Board Director/Marketing for Vule Airways Margaret Anne Mazzi Wampamba, the carrier currently has two-forty seater small aircrafts that will be for domestic flights. The medium ones — which are 100 seaters that will be used for regional flights all the way down to South Africa. And for the longer routes, Vule also has the Boeing 777-300 that will be going from Entebbe to London via Tunisia.